The 1st International Conference on Religious Study, Interculturality, Philosophy, and Education (ICoRIPE)

Menguak Relasi Naskah Bali dan Jawa, Jurusan Brahma Widya Gelar Kuliah Umum
August 29, 2023
Visitasi Akreditasi, Prodi PAH Targetkan Unggul
September 6, 2023



The International Conference on Religious Study, Interculturality, Philosophy, and Education (ICoRIPE)  The purpose of this event is to facilitate the convergence of scholars, researchers, professionals, and policymakers who possess a vested interest in presenting their perspectives on the topics of multiculturalism, education, and religion studies in relation to the development of a sustainable community. Given the growing issue to apply sustainable principles in order to attain sustainable development goals, it is essential to establish a platform for discourse that allows for a comprehensive examination of this matter, particularly within the context of education and interculturality.


Utilizing Education for Community Empowerment to Establish Sustainable Civilization in the 21st Century.


Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Religious Moderatism in Education
  2. Education for Local Culture Sustainability
  3. Education for Environment Sustainability
  4. Interfaith Relations
  5. Religious Philosophy
  6. Human Right and Peace Education
  7. Character Education
  8. Multiculturalism

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract29 September 2023
Announcemen for Accepted Abstract3 October 2023
Deadline for Registration6 October 2023
Deadline for Full Paper16 October 2023
Conference Day17 October 2023

Author Guidelines

It is expected that all authors, programme committee members, and reviewers will conform to established ethical principles. The act of plagiarism is unequivocally forbidden. The committee will conduct a comprehensive investigation into any alleged instances of unethical behaviour, and persons who are determined to have violated these standards may be subject to suitable disciplinary measures.

For Abstract and Article Template please see the link below

For Registration and Abstract Submission please see the link below

For Article Submission please see the link below

For Presentation Submission please see the link below

Contact Persons                                :

  1. Kadek Wiramarta (+6281916540925)
  2. Dian Utami Dewi (+6285237040856)
  3. Yoga Purandina (+6281246644884)
  4. Suari (+6281337285678)

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